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New leadership in uncharted waters

It wasn't that long ago that Vicente Fox ended the PRI's 71-year stranglehold on Mexico's presidency. Fox was the candidate of change and gave hope to millions of Mexicans who wanted an end to corruption. Many believed that Mexico was better off because of the changes brought on by the PAN party. However, the corruption continued, and we desperately hoped for a change.

After 12 years of PAN leadership, we reverted to the PRI party and elected Enrique Peña Nieto. His presidency ended with one of the lowest approval ratings in Mexican history and there was no improvement to the ongoing corruption.

Now, in 2019, fresh off an overwhelming victory, the Morena Party and Andrés Manuel López Obrador lead us into uncharted waters once again. Will AMLO bring the change that millions of Mexicans so desperately want?

In a short time since the election, he's kept many of his campaign promises:

  • He ended the new Mexico City airport project.
  • Minimum wage has increased more than ever before (especially at the border).
  • VAT was reduced by half to 8% at the
  • He has cut federal spending and takes no salary as president.

His single biggest campaign promise was to rid the Mexican government of corruption; it remains to be seen if he can uphold this commitment. I am cautiously optimistic. But if he's successful, I have no doubt that Mexico will achieve its potential as one of the strongest emerging countries in the world.

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