High tack. Conformable. Abrasion resistant.

  • Masking during electroplating.
  • Premium grade. Aisle and safety markings or color coding.
  • Outdoor use. Thickest vinyl tape available.
  • Mask during electroplating and anodizing. Easy removal.
  • General purpose color coding and aisle marking.
  • General purpose. Warehouse marking. Yellow / Black.
  • General purpose. Safety equipment. Red / white.
  • Marks lanes, identifies safety hazard areas. White/Black.
  • Marks lanes, identifies safety hazard areas. Yellow/Black.

Strong backing for heavy duty splicing and sealing.

  • Protects surfaces during fabrication, shipping and storage. Pink.
  • Protects surfaces during fabrication, shipping and storage. Transparent.
  • Instantly bonds to hard-to-stick materials such as polyester or polyethylene.
  • General purpose. Clean removal.
  • Masks circuit boards during production and repair.
  • High tension splicing tape.
  • Protect surfaces during gold plating.
  • Protect printed circuit boards during electroplating.
  • High temperature. Bond silicone coated surfaces.
  • For splicing silicone-coated papers.
  • Edge reinforcement tape. Heavy Duty.
  • Powder coated paint masking.
  • High-temperature masking. Thicker, high-tensile strength.
  • High-temperature masking. Transparent. Thin masking.
  • High-temperature powder coat masking.


Conformable. High resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

  • Clear acrylic adhesive for nearly invisible repairs.
  • Lightweight. 1/32" thickness.

Long-lasting surface protection. Conformable.

  • Surface protection tape for industrial use.
  • Protection from rocks, scuff and rust.
  • Airline industry-grade protective tape.
  • Transparent general purpose outdoor grade protective tape.

Protects machine parts. Anti-stick. Easy to remove.

  • General purpose surface tape for conveyor chutes and printing rollers. High temperature, low friction.
  • Surface tape for industrial equipment. Abrasion resistant.
  • General purpose, anti-stick tape for laminating machines.
  • Surface tape for heat sealers. High temperature, low friction.
  • Heavy-duty surface tape for heat sealers. High abrasion resistance for long life. High temperature, low friction.
  • Anti-stick for wrapping rollers. Very conformable.
  • Wrap web rollers for smooth material flow. Slippery, lays flat.
  • Extend service life on belts and rollers.

Advanced composite and metal bonding tape.

  • High temperature masking. Silicone-free adhesive for clean removal.

Indoor and outdoor holding, sealing and patching.

  • High temperature. Protects heat-sensitive cables and instruments.
  • Versatile. Seal ducts, repair trucks, protect parts and equipment.
  • Linered. Protects parts and equipment.
  • Highly conformable. Permanently seal and patch trucks and equipment.
  • High temperature. Wrap engine supports and insulation blankets.
  • Heavy duty. Protects appliance wires.
  • Sound and vibration damping foil tape.
  • General purpose. Fix ducts and minimize leaks.
  • Long lasting seal for flexible HVAC duct work.

Radiation, moisture barrier. Electrically and thermally conductive.

  • Excellent conformability. Mask out for electroplating, paint stripping.
  • Linerless, lead tape. Shields from radiation and moisture.

EMI/RFI shielding. Electrical bonding and component mounting.

  • Conformable. Protects against interference.

Reduces friction, noise and vibration in equipment.

  • Silicone backing for non-stick traction on printing press rollers.
  • Abrasion resistant. Provides an anti-stick surface. Protects equipment from wear.
  • Thicker anti-stick surface tape. Abrasion resistant.
  • Reduces squeaks in vehicles and equipment. Transparent.
  • Reduces squeaks in vehicles and equipment. Black.
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