3M Duct Tape

3M Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Seal, mask, bundle, patch, reinforce and repair.

  • 3M 1900

    Tears easily for light duty applications.

  • 3M 3900

    Multipurpose. Repairs, wraps, seals out moisture.

  • 3M 393

    Seal ducts with high-tack, moisture-resistant tape.

  • 3M 2120

    Clear. Make repairs less obvious.

  • 3M 3903

    Light duty. Ideal for color coding.

  • 3M 3939

    Economy grade for light duty applications.

  • 3M 5959

    UV resistant outdoor masking tape.

  • 3M 6969

    High performance. Excellent for HVAC applications.

  • 3M 8979

    Performance Plus. For the toughest outdoor jobs.

  • 3M 8979N

    Performance plus. Nuclear plant grade.

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