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Use this guide to determine which strapping is right for you.

Which type should I use?
  Elongation Break Strength Corrosion Resistance UV Resistance Description
Regular Steel Regular Steel Fair Very Good Fair Excellent Used for heavy shipments that need more protection than poly strapping can provide.
High Tensile High Tensile Good Excellent Fair Excellent Recommended for use on railroad shipments.
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Good Excellent Extreme Excellent Premium quality for extreme indoor and outdoor conditions.
Zinc-Coated Zinc-Coated Good Excellent Very Good Excellent Ideal for long-term outdoor storage.
Polyester Polyester Good Very Good Excellent Fair Replaces steel for medium and heavy-duty applications.
Poly Poly Very Good Good Excellent Fair Half the weight of steel and is easier, safer and less expensive to use.
Poly Cord Poly Cord Very Good Very Good Excellent Very Good Woven polyester combines strength and shock resistance.

What tools do I need?
Cart Tensioner Seals
Sealer Cutter
Cart Tensioner Seals Sealer Cutter
Used to store and dispense strapping. Used to tighten strapping. Used to lock strapping into place. Used to close seals on strapping. Used to cut excess strapping.

How do I apply?
1. Tensioner - Tightens strapping

1. Tensioner

Tightens strapping

2. Sealer - Closes seals on strapping

2. Sealer

Closes seals on strapping

3. Cutter - Cuts excess strapping

3. Cutter

Cuts excess strapping

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